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Contract Code

Underlying Instrument : Crude Palm Oil

Contract Size : 25 Metric Tons

Minimum Price Fluctuations : RM1.00 Per Metric Ton

Trading Day : Monday - Friday

Trading Hour : 10.30am - 12.30pm /3.00pm - 6.00pm

Contract Months :
Spot month and the next 5 succeeding month, and thereafter, alternate months up to 24 month ahead.

Speculative Position Limits :
500 contracts net long or net short for the spot month.
5000 contracts fot any single delivery month except for the spot month.
8000 contracts for all contract months combined.

Final Trading Day and Maturity:
Contracts expires at noon on the 15th day if the delivery month, or if the 15th is a non-market day, the proceeding business day.

Final Settlement :
1st business day to the 20th business day of the delivery month, or if the 20th is a non-market day, the proceeding business day.


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