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7 Major Action Steps To Spend Less and Be Happy

Thank you for all your kind words about this course. Your encouragement is very motivating and helping others is exactly why I wrote the course. Keep the emails coming!

Reminder of Steps to Spend Less and Be Happy
Step 1 - Take Action
Step 2 - Happiness Over Money, Every Time
Next Step - Make an Effort to Help Others
Many people are surprised when they email me because I actually (time permitting) try to help as much as possible with my replies. Some people even ask me why I spend so much time with emails and comments because it takes time away from my business.

"But it out does help", I usually tell them. It helps me because it makes me happier.

Never underestimate the power of helping others. When I do, I'm usually happier and when I'm happy, my writing is better. When I'm encouraged, I'm more productive and when I'm satisfied, I feel less need to splurge.

Now, if you can get all those benefits and help someone at the same time, isn't it the best deal in town?
The Free Service That Made Me Money
A couple years ago, I bought a course on building websites. Half way through it, I decided to go on the forum that accompanies the course and wrote:

I can install a blog on a host for someone if they need help. Just send me a message. I can do all this as long as the requests aren't overwhelming.

I can also help install plugins for you as I have a couple blogs and I do all the blog tweaking / plugin installations myself currently and are familiar with them.

Like I said, just PM me.

When I wrote that post, I wasn't planning to charge anyone. But as time went on and through word of mouth, I started getting requests to do more complex website installations for a fee. I didn't plan on making money off this type of service. I didn't plan on making the money I spent on the course back (and much more). I didn't plan to have a good gesture turn into a successful business. Yet, all that came true. All from a simple forum message and good intentions.
The Secret to Spending Less
You wouldn't (I certainly never could until I saw it with my very own eyes) believe how many people email me asking for ways to stop splurging. We all love shopping, but we all know that we need to spend less in order to save more.

How do we stop splurging, they all ask? That, my friends, is the wrong question to ask.

You see, people who spend very little isn't trying to stop themselves from pulling out their wallet. They spend less because they don't see a need to pay more. The handbag, the new TV, the cool cell phone are all nice but so what? They know that maintaining good relationships with friends, having a loving family and not feeling financially slaved leads to happiness. Nowhere does buying come into the equation.

Helping others certainly does though.

Yes, it's true that some people will never appreciate the effort you put in to help them but most people will! Can you imagine how much stronger your relationship with everyone you know will be if you are always helpful?

When you help others, there is a bigger possibility that:
They will help you back - When you need it.
Give the promotion (or opportunity) to you - Who wouldn't want that?
Buy from you instead of others - For those running a business.
That's the power of helping others, all while making you and the other person happier!
What You Can Do Before Next Week's Lesson
This isn't boy scout so I'm not asking you to help an elder across the road (although it's certainly an honorable thing to do). Instead, note who is helpful around you and see whether he/she is generally happier than you are. If so, jot down a couple ways they help others and start slowly doing the same.

One word of caution though. Start slow because your acquittances may be startled by your sudden change of attitude. Just go around and start saying yes to people that need your help (as long as you have time and it's a reasonable request). If you can't do it, at least try to help them figure out a solution.

As you begin to help others, I bet that your life become easier as well. People will want to help you. Others will want to talk to you and everyone will want to give you the breaks you deserve.

Best of all, you are happy. Go help someone today.

David (MoneyNing)

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