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Attitude and aptitude to be financially successful
This assessment is designed to help you discover if you currently possess the attitude and aptitude to be financially successful. There are no right or wrong answers. Please circle the answer that describes you the most.

1) How Do You Honestly Feel About Rich People?
a) I don’t like rich people.
b) They intimidate me. I feel inferior to them
c) I respect them but feel that they are very different from me
d) I respect them a lot and know that I deserve to be like them

2) When People Reject You And Tell You That You Cannot Do Something, How Do You React?
a) I accept it and feel bad
b) I get angry and throw a tantrum
c) I will give it another try with more doubt
d) I get even more excited to prove them wrong. I never take ‘no’ for an answer.

3) How Do You Feel About Borrowing $500,000 to Invest in a Money Making/ Business Opportunity?
a) I will never borrow to invest. It’s too risky.
b) I will borrow $10,000-$20,000 at the most. Anything more and I will not be able to sleep at night.
c) Even if it is a credible and worthwhile investment, having a $500,000 liability will give me a lot of stress
d) With enough planning and risk management, I will have the confidence to do it.

4) How Much Do You Want To Increase Your Income By In The Next 12 Months?
a) Ten percent increase
b) Fifty percent increase
c) Double by income
d) Five to ten times increase

5) What is Your Attitude Towards Money?
a) I am afraid having too much money might change me
b) It’s nice to have more money but I am happy where I am
c) I wish I had more money but I am afraid of all he sacrifices I must make to get it
d) I get excited about how having lots of money can make life better for me and the people around me

6) How Do You Feel About Working?
a) I hate working.
b) I do not mind working, but I rather relax
c) Work is okay. I don’t mind working hard to make money.
d) I love working. Work is like play to me.

7) How Do You Usually React When You Go Through a Huge Defeat or Failure?
a) I feel so demoralized that I wouldn’t dare another attempt
b) I will take some time to get over it. I may try again later.
c) I will give it another try, but with much less confidence
d) I quickly learn from my mistakes and bounce back with as much enthusiasm and confidence.

8) When You Face Big Problems In Life or Work, Do You:
a) Ignore it and hope it will go away?
b) Complain why things are so difficult
c) Get someone else to deal with it
d) Get excited about solving it

9) How much time do you spend each day reading and analyzing financial news and managing your finances/investments?
a) None at all
b) Less than half an hour
c) Half and hour to two hours
d) Two hours or more

10) How much money do you invest on business & financial books, seminars and consultancy annually?
a) None at all
b) Less than $500 a year
c) $500-$2,500
d) More than $2,500

11) What Are Your Money Habits?
a) I tend to spend more than what I earn, using credit to finance my expenditures
b) I spend whatever I earn. I live from paycheck to paycheck
c) I try to save whatever I am left with each month
d) I plan exactly how much to save and invest each month and stick to my plan

12) How Do You Usually Make Investment Decisions?
a) I don’t invest at all
b) I listen to advice from friends
c) I leave my investment decisions to stockbrokers and financial consultants
d) I get input from professionals but will only invest after doing my own thorough research. I only invest in something I fully understand,

13) What is Your General Attitude Towards People and Work?
a) I don’t like to work with people that much. I can only trust myself to do a good job
b) I trust people very easily. I believe they will never cheat or harm me.
c) I tend to feel comfortable working and being around people who are less capable than me
d) I enroll the help of highly talented people to give me input but I always make the final decision

14) What Kind of Friends Do You Spend Most of Your Time With?
a) Losers with no ambitions
b) Dreamers who lack the drive
c) Ambitious and hardworking individuals
d) Millionaires and business leaders

15) Which Statement Best Describes Your Personal Motivation?
a) I lack motivation to get started on any goals I set
b) I tend to keep procrastinating until the very last minute
c) I get motivated at first but lose my focus and drive after a while
d) When I plan to do something, I get highly motivated and never stop until it is finished

Now, calculate your score. Count the number of a’s, b’s, c’s and d’s you have chosen. Give yourself 1 point for every ‘a’, 2 points for every ‘b’, 3 points for every ‘c’ and 4 points for every ‘d’.

My Score is ___________________


If Your Score Is: 15-25
It Means: You are probably in debt or have a low net-worth You need to completely change your mindset and develop new skills to improve your financial situation

If Your Score Is: 26-35
It Means: Your net-worth is average. You may have a few thousands in savings but you are far away from making your first million.

If Your Score Is:36-45
It Means: Your net-worth is probably above average ($100,000- $300,000 in investments & assets). With some improvement, you are on your way to become a millionaire.

If Your Score Is:46-60
It Means: Excellent! You are probably a multi-millionaire, millionaire or on the way to becoming one

If you got a low score, do not worry. Awareness is the first step to change. It only means that if you want to be financially successful in the future, you have to really change your mindset, habits today. You have to start acquiring the knowledge and skills to become a millionaire.


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