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FlexiHome Loan Financing
FlexiHome Loan Financing
Home Financing

Being the world's largest financial institution means that you indirectly have access to global expertise and experience second to none. Through continuous research, we have gathered valuable consumer insights, enabling us to constantly improve the way you bank. New housing loan that gives you the flexibility you need to save more on interest payments and pay off your loan faster.

Flexibility means you're allowed to bank in more than your monthly installment into your housing loan account to reduce interest payments. The extra payments can be in any amount. And these payments can be made anytime and as often as you wish. You dont even have to inform us. Any extra money you bank in can help to reduce interest payments, thereby saving you more money. And there's no penalty or fees charged.

Our interest rate is calculated on a daily basis. As soon as you make an extra payment, your housing loan interest payment will be reduced. This is another feature that will help you save more money.

If your home is under construction, you have the option of starting your principal repayments immediately not merely servicing progressive interest. This means that your overall financial obligation is reduced more quickly- saving you money on interest payments in the long run.

You may withdraw funds from your EPF account and bank into your housing loan. This will lower the amount of your outstanding loan, and save you money on interest payments.

We beleive that the most important person in the whole process is you, the customer. With complete documentation, it only takes 3 working days for your application to be approved.

Making payment is extra convenient with MEPS Interbank GIRO bacause you can pay at any participating local bank nationwide. you also have the choice of mailing your cheque payment, making a deposit at our cash or cheque deposit machine or drive-thru cheque drop-box and through online banking.

No monthly maintenance fee, No commitment fee, Zero and Non Zero Financing.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

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