Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simple Steps to Financial Freedom

Almost everyone would like to financial freedom. The million dollar question, pun intended, is how?

I’m a firm believer of understanding the WHY first and then the how will follow.

Why set financial goals? Goals give direction to our lives. If you are married, then share your financial goals with each other. It will help you to manage expectations, time commitments and reduces conflicts. You may want to save up to buy a home and didn’t know your spouse want a long oversea vacation, it will create unnecessary tension.

Most of us make plans at the beginning of the year. Yet many fail to follow up simply because they don’t take the necessary steps to make it happen. Here are the steps.

1. Choose something that inspires you

Choose something that is important to you. It will keep you motivated to follow through. Don’t choose something just because of someone else’s suggestion. Remember it is your life.

2. State the goal in the positive

For example, I want to buy a property, is a positive goal. I will not spend money is a negative goal. Why state goals in the positive? The mind does not and cannot register a negative.

Try this. Don’t think of a pink dog. What happened? I bet you just pictured a pink dog in your mind.

3. Set a date for achieving the goal

A goal is only a wish until you set a date. So now, I want to own a property by December 2005 is a real goal. Without a deadline, chances are, it will not happen.

Do not worry about missing a deadline. So what if you miss it. If you aim for the star and you missed, you will still hit the moon. If you aim for the moon, if you missed, you may hit the roof. So aim high.

4. Write it down

Write down your goal and put it up where you can see it daily. Look at your goal list daily until you begin to expect it. Most of us have too much on our minds that we tend to forget the important things. By the time December comes, we wonder what happen to our goals and start again only to fail. This is what I call the “New Year Resolution Syndrome”

Put up the list in places you will see daily like on the computer monitor, mirror, in the car, in your wallet etc.

5. Take action and stay focussed

If you goal is to buy a property, start by looking for locations you like. Check out the prices. Call the real estate agents and visit some property. Stay focussed on your goal and you will find it easy to put aside money to reach it. You will start thinking that I’m saving up to spend on something special.

6. Review your goal

Set up a time frame to review your goals. Check to see if you are getting closer. If not, try to catch up by putting aside less important activities. You may also want to try a different approach. Get the help of your spouse or close friends to help you stay on track.

These steps will help with any goal. It may be to lose weight, get out of debt, save up for your children’s education funds or start a new business.

Take the first step towards your financial goals today.


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