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Benefits of Using Prepaid Mobile Plan

Many have actually doubted the suggestion of changing from their common contract-based cell phone plan while only a few understood the reward of switching to prepaid plan. These could be due to more than a few reasons and from my delicate point of view, I can say that that they just do not have the idea on how great the plan is if used correctly; especially in terms of restricting your budget on cell phone usage. We will look into some points on how prepaid mobile plan can actually helps you to organize your spending habit as well as some other advantages.

One great benefits of switching to prepaid cell phone plan is the nature of the plan itself. When you say pre-paid, it means you have in fact paid for it before you even begin to use it. Contrary to standard contract-based plan, you will only be charged for what you had used only. You will not be charged if you don't use it at all. The cell phone service provider will never cease their service for you if you don't use the credit allocated for the sum you have paid. Even if they shelved the account, you will still get back the unused credit balance whenever you reload or recharge you cell phone. In short, you won't lose any money without your permission unlike using the standard plan where you will still be billed recurrently either you make calls or not.

When it comes to using pay-as-you-go cell phone plan, you don't have to worry about being bounded to any contract. You can always switch to another provider whenever you feel like it or whenever you feel that the current one is not providing the best service for you. There's no such thing as penalty or being fined for doing that. No cancellation fees or anything similar to that. In other words you are always the king (say yes to customers are king!) and you can terminate the prepaid service anytime you want.

As I mentioned before the prepaid cell phone plan is a plan where you have already paid for the service before you use the service and that also means that if you don't feel like extending the service, you can just leave it to expire on its own. There is nothing to be worry about and you do not have to worry about the consequences.

Using prepaid plan is definitely a good resort to restrain your budget in cell phone usage. There's a feeling you will get once you purchase the reload card; you will automatically know that you can only use up to that amount that you spent. For instance, if you purchased a $30 recharge card, you will know that the credit allotted for you is up to $30 and it is all up to you on how are you going to utilize it. You can use it for making calls or you can use the credit allocated to text people. If by all means you did not manage to use up all of it, the remaining balance can always be rolled over to the next month; as long as you reload the credit balance.

Most contract-based standard mobile plans require you to have a good credit background. If you don't like the hassle of going through all these processes (if you have credit issues), then perhaps the prepaid mobile plan works well enough for you. There will be no credit records questions and you can get yourself registered for the prepaid plan in no time. At present day you can get a nice deal on prepaid plan that comes with a great choice of cell phone for your convenience.

Another fact about why prepaid plan is gaining popularity is because you can obtain the cell phone without having a credit card. That's why it is very popular among teenagers since they are the biggest audience lack of credit card and at the same time the biggest audience that use cell phone. You can just purchase the cell phone from the market and the reload card can also be easily purchased by cash. Please keep in mind though that you have to make sure that first of all you need to have a cell phone that is compatible to be used for gaining access to prepaid plan.

I realize that prepaid cell phone plan is not that popular in the United States but I believe the trend towards it is becoming pandemic already. Moreover, the current unstable economy situation could be your primary reason to switch to using prepaid cell phone plan. In Australia however, prepaid plan is quite popular and one of the famous providers is Vodafone which has a range of Vodafone prepaid mobile plans.

Most parents also concern about cell phone usage by their children. Resorting to prepaid plan might be a good move since you can restrict the cell phone usage and it's easier to monitor your children's spending habit on cell phone usage. Furthermore, if they used up all the credit allotted to them, they can always buy on their own using their own pocket money. You could just create a rule on cell phone usage and tell them upfront. That will encourage them to minimize their usage on cell phone and indirectly they learn on how to restrain the budget and the same time if they want more, they just have to find ways to make money and reload the cell phone on their own.

As far as I am concerned the cell phones offered nowadays by cell phone service providers are good enough to be used for what a phone should be able to do; make calls and send text to other people. The prices are reasonable enough and I believe that most of the time the prices are way below the budget. If you prefer to have better cell phone that can do video calls (3G), there are some cell phones that suit that need. You just have to pay extra to get that but again if money is your concern, then you can just stick with normal 2G or 2.5G cell phones.

Those are just few reasons and advantages of using a prepaid cell phone plan. There are a lot of other good reason to switch from your usual standard mobile plan. Think wisely about it as switching from standard prepaid plan to prepaid phone plan would be a good start to save your money significantly as long as you understand the concept behind it. Please understand that all these are just my two cents though I can assure that these suggestions are widely agreed by others and therefore it is up to you to compare and make your own decision on choosing the prepaid cell phone plan.


Unknown April 28, 2010 at 10:21 PM  

I used to dread my cell phone bill coming at the end of the month! Now all has changed...I LOVE being on Net10 prepaid as I'm totally in control, and with my calls costing only 10c per minute and my texts 5c each I am saving a fortune! There are no other costs at all---no service fees and no roaming charges and my minutes roll over to the following month!

PG April 30, 2010 at 2:16 AM  

Hi Poshie..where are you from..

dani_loves_commenting May 1, 2010 at 6:34 AM  

I recommend staying with prepaid too. I have Net10 and absolutely love it. I'm so happy I ended my contract and now I don't have to deal with that hassle now. I pay just 10 cents per minute nationwide. No hidden fees, nothing. Plus, the best part is that when you sign up with Net10 you get the first 2 months of service and 300 minutes for free.

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