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Hidden Jewels in Roadside Bungalow

This articles is contributed by my very good friend Mr MS. He is running his own company with the hobby of accumulating land titles. With the main principles of “live below your means” he is selfmade multi millionaires with alot of highly potential land portfolio. Looking at his age and total accumulated portfolio, I strongly believe he is “more than enough” for himself. Let us learn from the best!!

General infor and History on Bungalow

The word Bungalow originated from a Hindi word baṅglā & Urdu banglā, literally, ‘house’ in the Bengal style that which is a one-storied house with a low-pitched roof; also a house having one and a half stories and usually a front porch. But in our context in KK it meant a single or double storied detached house with a big compound in the urban area like Likas or suburban area such as Penampang. The lifestyle of living in a bungalow probably introduced by our colonial master, the British during the colonial era which is evidenced in Singapore, W. Malaysia and Borneo. In around 10 to 15 years ago a nice brand new bungalow in KK would cost only around RM 500k to Rm600k depending it locality, land size and finishing. Matured and established areas such as Likas and Tanjung Aru would have cost more, especially if the land tenure is 999 years. Today a nice bungalow unit would fetch more than a million RM. Alamesra is selling their new units at minimum RM 1.8 millions. Just yesterday someone advertised a Kingfisher bungalow less than 8000 sft for RM1.7 millions and another at Jalan sang kancil with 5500 sft asking for RM 1.72 millions. Therefore you are looking at not less than Rm 200 per sft!


Take a drive at jalan Teluk Likas, kampong Likas,Taman Likas Jaya, Fung Yi Ting, Signal Hill, Kingfisher, Shangri-la height, Tanjung Aru and The Bayan, you would be able to see what sort of lifestyle these people are living in. These are residence that owned by the ‘Who’s Who’ in town such consulate, politicians, their cronies and the rich. Land size would be between 8000 sft to 15000 sft or more, that big enough to have an occasional BBQ or poolside party. You would normally see a big garden, a courtyard, Swimming pool, big parking space that can accommodate not less than 5 cars. This is the lifestyle that a bungalow owner would like to enjoy.


Having said that, there’s also the other side of stories for the bungalows along the main highway or main road. These units may not be so conducive as residence because of the noise and dust pollution but jolly good for commercial purposes. Bungalow units such those along Jalan Penampang, Jalan Tuaran, Jalan Lintas are superb as showrooms, offices, hardware shop and etc. Whereas those along the airport road are good for Bed and Breakfast, Motel, Show Rooms, offices (for professional services such as Architect, lawyer, valuer, Engineering etc) and vacation home (such as those in Tangjung aru area).

Why ?

It is common that bungalow units are fetching not less than Rm 1.5 millions nowadays. If you find one that priced less than Rm1.5 millions in strategic location either for commercial or residence, you better put a down to it quickly because you have found a jewel!! A very obvious reason why bungalow is going up in price is because of scarcity of land in the city. Imagine 10 to 15 years ago living in a condo is almost unheard of. At that time the peak and Radiant Height was just being build. Now condo lifestyle is common. And therefore bungalow units are the most sort after landed property. As it has title by itself, bungalow maybe developed into commercial uses such as multilevel parking, hotel, condo, showrooms and etc. Therefore it’s a big plus over other form of landed properties.


I see bungalow along Jalan Tuaran, Jalan Penampang and Putatan hold immense opportunity for commercial purposes and in Tanjung Aru or the drive towards airport for both recreation, hotel and commercial use. Whoever owns one. You have found a Jewel!!

Happy Investing.

You cannot Grow Land..CK Wong & MY DAD


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