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Top 10 Silver Producing Countries


Posted by Urva on May 19, 2011
This post consists of top silver producing countries. World production of silver is a kind of super giant puzzle that we must rebuild their eyes closed. The average growth of the production of silver in the world was 1.5% per annum for more than century. Now the world production of silver is increase by 10 millions ounces.

Following are the list of top ten silver productions with 10th Argentina and 1st Mexico.

10. Argentina:

Argentina has jumped 55% in silver output in 2009 to 15.5% million ounces over the previous year. It produces 20.6 million of ounces silver. Only one mine at this time is in production and producing revenues. The pirquitas mine in Argentina.
9. Russia:

It produces 36.8 million of ounces silver. Russia‘s biggest silver producing regions are the Krasnoyarsk territory, Bashkortostan, Chelyabinsk region, Orenburg region Primorye territory. Over the past Russia was produce 60% silver. Now it produce 90% silver.
8. Poland:

The production of silver is 37.7 million in Poland. The production of silver increases in 2011 compared with their average production from 1998 to 2006 is 14.4%. The situation of Poland is close because a majority of the production is handled by a single mine.
7. United state:

The United state is the major producers of the production silver in the world. In United State, silver produce 1,200 metric tons silver. 35% of the silver it used. The 65% is imported from Mexico, Canada, Peru and Chile.
6. Bolivia:

The production of silver in Bolivia is 41.0 million. San Cristobal is the top silver mine in Bolivia producing some 620,000 tons of the silver. San Cristobal mine is the third largest producers in the world.
5. Chile:

The productions of silver in Bolivia and in Chile are same. It also produces 41.0 million of ounces silver. It is very old silver production country and remains among the fifth number.
4. Australia:

Its production is 59.9 million ounces. It has the largest share of the world’s economic silver resources. Australia’s silver production ranks after Mexico, Peru and the china. About 25% its mine output is refined to silver metal and sent to Japan.
3. China:

The production of silver in china is 99.2 million ounces. It supplies 29,000 tons silver to the world. The domestic price of China’s silver market is higher than international market price. The demand of silver in china is high.
2. Peru:

Mexico and Peru are the two pillars of silver production in the world. It produces 116.1 million ounces silver in Peru. In silver output, companies were more active and produce more than the last year. It exports about $479 million silver compared with $281 million in 2005.
1. Mexico:

In the last 500 years, Mexico silver industry provided one-third of the world In Mexico, the production of silver is 128.6 million ounces. It has two of the top silver miners, industries Penoles and Grupo which together produce 66% silver. It is the pillar of world production of silver.


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