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How to Save More Money?

Beside the most frequently asked question about how to make more money, this is the second financial challenge most people demands for solution. Most of the dreams you have would have most part of it linked to how much money you saved. Be it a dream to travel the world, or a dream to send your children to study oversea, a substantial amount of money saved beforehand will ensure to fulfill those dreams.

Let’s go through what I think is the three most important things that ensure you to accumulate money seriously.

Motivate your elephant early

Most people give up their long term goal for short term pleasure. You find it hard to keep those two hundred ringgits untouched at the moment you are looking at some high quality fashion at a deep discount. Almost immediately you forgot that you should have save this two hundred allocated for your annual trip savings, which is only needed ten months later.

That’s the part controlled by the elephant in your mind, which is the irrational part of your brain. Your rational part of brain is thinking that you should save RM200 for twelve months then you can treat yourself a nice trip, or whatever is your dream. But the elephant is so huge that is too hard to be controlled by your rational thinking.

That’s why you need to motivate your elephant. Make it go to the direction you want, not following where it wants. And you better motivate it early enough because accumulating money takes time. The longer time you have, the better is your chances to achieve the saving goals.

Pay yourself first

You need to make yourself the first priority. When money comes to you, you have a very important decision to make. You can give the money to other people (paying bills, shopping etc). You can also save it for yourself.

Many people make the mistake of paying other people first. They always put themselves at the bottom of the payees list. That’s miserable because at the end, you will only get peanuts. But how do you ensure that you save first before you spend? That’s why the next component of having an effective saving system is so crucial.

Have an effective saving system

Since you know that it is really hard to ride elephant when it senses danger, you don’t want to let it face those risky moment. Since It is your emotional part of the brain that is holding you back from your long term saving goals, you need to have a system that prevent your emotion to take part in financial decisions.

That’s why an effective saving system always works for most people. Consider the EPF. It is a forced saving scheme. You may feel a pinch when you see your salary statement every month. So much is cut away for your future retirement savings. But there is nothing you can do about it because you are forced to take part in the program.

Why not put such saving system to do more good for you? There are rational parents who take up education saving plan from insurance company almost immediately for their every newborn child. Since it is a commitment to the education funding of their children, they never fail to save and complete the tenure of the plan.

Trust me. These saving systems successfully put the elephants to sleep. Your financial decisions will no longer be distracted by it. Be creative enough, and you will be able to design your own system that works.


As a conclusion – to save more money, you need to start an effective saving system that pays yourself first as soon as possible.

Just start now!


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