Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Silver is Real Money

One reason for silver's surging investment potential is simple: Silver is real money.

With government spending getting out of control, silver is where the smart money is going.
Remember that during the similar economic climate of the 1970's, silver went on an unprecedented rocket ride from $1.29 per ounce to just shy of $50... an increase of nearly 3,733%.

And while I can't guarantee that you'll see a 3,733% return over the next few years, I believe you could make a heck of a lot more money in silver over the next few years than you could holding ordinary stocks, bonds, or mutual funds... and even gold.
Take a look at these two charts showing the demand for silver coins — what I consider to be real money --taking off:

Fundamental changes in the market like these could send silver soaring to $50, $100 and even back to historical highs above $1,000/oz (in 2009 dollars).


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