Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Silver Versus Gold - The Fearless Forecast


Silver is one metal that's making the waves these days thanks to its increasing worth in the market. While gold continues to be profitable as an asset, silver is also running fast in becoming the next standard when it comes to precious metals, and in a few years' time, it will be can be worth as much as gold. But how can this be, considering silver has always been cheaper than gold? Below are some factors to consider:

The demand for silver bullion continues to rise since it first became a trend back in 2009. Selling for as much as $11.00 an ounce in May, it rose to as much as $19.00 per ounce by the end of the year. The demand for silver in terms of industrial purposes is also expected to carry out the metal's price in 2010, thus making it more valuable in the succeeding months. A good scenario to look at is the situation of recovering economies such as China, where their demand for industrial silver has gradually increased since last year.

Silver blends with changing trends. In terms of the gold-silver market, as the price of gold goes higher, the monetary value of silver goes up as well. However, unlike gold, which easily gets affected by the dollar slump, silver even becomes stronger in times of unstable economic behavior, such as inflation risks and US deficit, as not only does its industrial demand remains intact. Also, economic fluctuations force investors to hold more on to their metal assets, such as silver and other precious metals.

According to analysts, silver stands a great chance in becoming more valuable in improving economies, and it benefits from almost the same market drivers as gold. It may not hold a major reserve in central banks, its demand for investment has increased rapidly with the same reasons as for gold. Unlike gold which has been purchased and kept mainly for its image of luxury, silver has gained distinction for mainly industrial usage. Because of its variety of applications particularly in emerging technologies, it is expected that silver will be the top metal to be purchased for different commercial and industrial investments, not only in recovering economies, but also in newly developing markets.

Finally, currency analysts find the resurgence of the dollar to bring a great impact on the value of silver. As the dollar regains its strength in 2010, investors wane from purchasing gold bullion.

The demand for silver bullion bars and silver art rounds remains steady, and not substantially affected by the falling price of gold.


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